There are many companies in Cyprus that are now gaining international recognition. Ellinas Finance PCL was established in December 1992 as private company, but it was in February 2000 that the company went public and the company shares were traded in the Cyprus Stock Exchange. The ticker symbol for the shares is ELF for all those who want to keep track of the share performance of the company.

Ellinas Finance PCL has always been known for financing investors through Margin Accounts Trading, International Money Transfer Services, Personal and Business Lending and Cheque Discounting which is also known as Factoring. The company provides international money transfer services through MoneyGram. The company has been serving many customers around the world and in Cyprus. The company focuses on providing financial support to various people to ensure that they are able to complete their goals. The main aim of the company is to provide financial support to the people to ensure that they have better business and long term relationships with the company.

The company also focuses on discounting of post-dated cheques. This is a special product that the company has designed for various businesses and clients. It is widely believed that many companies need high liquidity which is essential for the future of the business and therefore every company needs some amount of cash that they can use to provide competition in the market for which they will need cash purchases. Today, cash purchases are really important for companies because they can buy products and services at better price range. Hence, in some ways ELF provide immediate financial solutions to the companies that need finance or if they are looking for liquidity solutions.

So, how does the cheque discounting process work?

Well, the process is very simple and easy to follow. The client brings in the cheque for discounting. ELF immediately discounts 70% to 80% of the total amount after deducting the interest rates and handling charges. The remaining amount is paid at the maturity of the date mentioned on the cheque.

How does it benefit the client?

People get immediate money that they can inject in their business and immediate expansion plans. The clients also get the opportunity for further investments and it also helps the client to have better trade in the future.