Companies in Cyprus and around the world are benefitting from the professional services of leading financial consultancy PHS Hadjizacharias & Co Ltd, a forward thinking and professional company who are going the extra mile for their clients.

Although there is no specific requirement for companies in Cyprus to undergo an auditing process, those who are incorporated under Companies Law are required to appoint an auditor who is independent of the company. Appointing an auditor is good practice for any business, and as many businesses who are dealing with PHS are coming to realise, it can do more for the business than just checking their accounts.

Through the audit process, the company directors, shareholders and stakeholders can obtain an unbiased and transparent view of the progress the company is making. It brings to light the way the company is spending its revenue and provides a valuable opportunity for business managers and leaders to develop strategies for improving efficienty, profitability and sustainability. In terms of tax, companies are often asked by the Revenue authorities to produce audited accounts, so by taking this step independently companies are preparing themselves and ensuring they are ready to submit tax accounts without delay.

The success of PHS is largely due to the approach they take to auditing companies. Rather than using lots of templates and standard approaches, PHS Hadjizacharias & Co Ltd see every business as a unique and individual operation, and tailor their approach accordingly. Before beginning the audit process, PHS discuss the business demands and objectives, and approach the audit with this in mind to ensure they maximise the value of their service to their clients.

Despite this tailored approach, PHS Hadjizacharias & Co Ltd apply and meet all the specific auditing standards, and the extensive experience nad expertise of their staff is apparent in the high quality reports and solutions they produce. By developing a high level of understanding of the industry and business environments, PHS are able to quickly and effectively identify threats and risk, and because of their business expertise they are able to offer solutions and assist with implementation of remedial measures relating to these issues.

Rather than just undergoing an audit for the sake of it, companues that engage with this leading consultancy are able to take some measureable benefits from their involvement with PHS. The audit process aims to maximise the value of the process to shareholders, stakeholders and directors of the business, and to leave the business with constructive solutions and ideas for opportunties for development in the future.

Companies have been able to develop robust strategies for diversification and innovation as part of the audit outcomes, as well as laying the foundations for business growth and corrective solutions to identified problems. As may of their clients are coming to realise, engaging with PHS goes so much further than just providing an independent audit of the company and Cyprus Company Registration. As professional consultants, PHS are also able to provide consultancy on a nuber of business issues, from human resources to IT, and many of their customers have gone on to work with them as holistic business mentors for many years.

As one satisfied customer commented, PHS are “A professional organisation who you can trust to deliver a first class result”.